Hi my name is Beth and welcome to The B Word. 

This blog is dedicated to being a Travel, Entertainment & Life Enthusiast. Follow me where I will be sharing my thoughts, experiences and tips.

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Forrest Gump Review

Today I am going to be writing a Forrest Gump review and tell you why it is in my top five favourite films of all time. I really hope you enjoy this review and you also want to watch or even rewatch this film! Plus don’t forget to like and subscribe to my blog, happy […]

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It has been far to long since I last posted on here, but I am back and ready to get sharing again! Since I last posted back in October, we have entered two lockdowns, celebrated Halloween, bonfire night, Christmas, rung in the New Year and celebrated my birthday. But today’s post I am going to […]

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September Highlights

So I am not sure where time has gone, but another month has flown by! This post I thought I would share some of my highlights throughout September and some of the activities I got up to. So without further ado, here are my September highlights. Happy reading. September for me is the start of […]

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My Favourite Books

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is keeping safe and well! Today’s post I am going to write about my favourite books. For as long as I can remember I have always preferred watching TV rather than getting lost in a book, but as I have got older this has changed. I can’t say I have […]

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